Where Did the Towers Go?

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  1. Eric Wachsman says:

    Have you ever had doubts about the official accounting of the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/01? Have you followed the many players, developments and theories within the 911 Truth Movement and wondered just where the truth really is? In Where Did the Towers Go, Dr. Judy Wood expertly presents real answers that may surprise and disturb you.

    In her long awaited book, Dr. Wood methodically deconstructs both the official story and popular alternative theories about the physical demise of the buildings. Using basic principles of physics and engineering, she clearly demonstrates why the mainstream and alternative versions could not have happened as presented.

    Dr. Wood recognized early on that new, unbiased words had to be used to accurately describe the unusual phenomena that were observed on 9/11. For example, she introduces us to the term, “Dustification”, and explains the how it is uniquely different from “Vaporization” or “Pulverization”. Using a combination of witness testimony, observed phenomena and materials analysis, she goes on to offer compelling evidence of the use of a new kind of weapons technology on 9/11/01: Directed Energy. This is not a who-dunnit. Dr. Wood eschews finger pointing in favor of the primary task of scientifically assessing the evidence to determine what happened and how.

    The hardcover book itself is substantial and well designed, generously filled with exceptionally clear multi-color charts and tables as well as crisp color plates, glossary and footnotes. Anyone who has ever purchased a highly valued reference book will immediately recognize the $39.95 price as a bargain and the information contained in the book, priceless. It is available at Dr. Wood’s website.

  2. Bettie Blecke says:

    Being more or less asleep and being awakened by this horrific crime, many have been led astray by the endless deception and planted so-called evidence. We all know the “official” story was just that, a story. Keep everyone looking over there, much like everything else in the illusionary world we live in. This was not just a crime against the United States of America, but a crime against the entire world. Facing the truth is not easy for many and some will choose to look the other way. Thank you, Dr. Wood for your dedication to this and to the many that have died in search of truth. The truth will always shine.

  3. Joey Moore says:

    Dr. Judy Wood wins! This woman of iron-clad intellect has unraveled the mystery of the iron unraveling! Dr. Judy Wood, a most qualified guide, balances the scientific reality of 9/11 with the sensitivity of her oceanic heart. Both head and heart are wed in this work of painstaking genius. With a background in Applied Physics, Interferometry, and Materials Engineering Science, Dr. Judy Wood seems to have been born specifically for this historic World Trade Center investigation. What many of us have only guessed at—“Isn’t that debris pile too small?!”—the brilliant Dr. Wood proves beyond a shadow of doubt: The Twin Towers never hit the ground!

    In her elegant 500-page text book, Dr. Judy Wood guides us through all anomalous phenomena of the WTC complex, focusing solely on “what happened” that morning, in a careful consideration of all observable physical/photographic evidence—after effects including seismic signals, magnetometer readings, unto the virtually unknown Category 3 hurricane off the eastern seaboard that very morning. She shows us the direct correlation of this startling evidence as it mirrors The Hutchison Effect—energy-field effects born out of the early 20th century scientist Nikola Tesla’s experiments and inventions—discoveries of a free-energy, not kinetic, activated via interferometry: the interference of various beams, energy fields, or electromagnetic waves. Dr. Wood resurrects to his rightful place Nikola Tesla, the true father of alternating current, wireless communication, and the rotating magnetic field. Though Dr. Wood does not name the exact device responsible as the mechanism of destruction on 9/11, she expertly delineates “the extraordinary effects that can result from electromagnetic interference.”

    The attractive text is beautiful to look upon—high quality photos, graphs, and easy-to-understand language. A unique accompanying bookmark helps us keep our own bearings, serving not only as a map of the WTC complex; I daresay, the bookmark reminds me of a “prayer card” given at memorial services, in honor of the dead. But of course, it is the Towers themselves that are being memorialized herein.

    It isn’t every day that tears roll down one’s cheeks while studying a science text book. In this case, the tears are a two-fold intermixture: Firstly, there are tears triggered by sorrow for the loss of life, perpetrated through a crime of monumental proportions, via a sinister new weapon; and secondly, tears of absolute wonder and delight are shed for definite evidence of a revolutionary new free-energy technology, destined to positively change and improve the lives of every soul born on this planet for ages to come—and not just change mankind a little but revolutionize the progressive evolution of each and every individual.

    We might also shed a tear for Dr. Judy Wood herself—she who lost her job as a result of pursuing 9/11 research; she who has been severely maligned by several “good ol’ boys clubs” expert in disinformation and deception; she who had a student and friend murdered within the course of research; and she, who has met with mammoth resistance in the publication of this first groundbreaking tome. Dr. Wood is of an entirely different caliber—an intrepid soul, full of zest, purity of thought, and a sacred perseverance—possessing qualities few exercise today, but for which she will be remembered always. Dr. Judy Wood makes demands of us, her readers and students: Keep looking. Keep asking. Look again! She begs us to awaken our own childlike sense of wonder and to have greater courage. Dr. Judy Wood does not let us turn away from stark reality. “Where Did the Towers Go?” will indeed strike a fearsome awe in your heart for its fascinating yet terrible truths. It is, at once, a solid scientific treatise and a memorial to those who perished; it is also a grateful acknowledgement of those who have continued suffering and losing their lives up to this very day.

    9/11 was not our country’s purportedly historic watershed moment: Dr. Wood respectfully educates us to the really-ignored game-changer, scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla. In tracing 9/11 after-effects back to their true cause, Dr. Wood ingeniously shines the spotlight on Canadian researcher John Hutchison and his own Tesla-like experiments; and in so doing, the sleight-of-hand that has become the “official story” of 9/11 is brought into sharp relief.

    The world will owe Dr. Judy Wood a great debt for her efforts, and I cannot thank her enough. Dr. Wood aptly quotes Mahatma Gandhi within her text: “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” I predict many will “see” for the first time, under Dr. Judy Wood’s loving care.

  4. Dear Dr. Wood,

    Thank you so much for your relentless bravery and your selfless efforts to help others understand what really happened on 9/11. The overwhelming database you have compiled is overwhelmingly conclusive and has left no doubts in my mind about what truly happened on that terrible day. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our special planet, and for strengthening my faith in the human species. Together, we can bring out the truth and end this corruption once and for all.

    Best wishes,


    Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
    M2 Medical Student
    B.S. Biology / Neurobiology

  5. I believe the first words out of my mouth upon tearing off the wrappings were, “Oh, my God, is this a beauty or what?!” Having interviewed and developed a friendship with Dr. Wood I was thoroughly knowledgeable about the contents of the book more or less, but let me tell you this book emanates its own aura of special-ness. First of all it has the classic weight and feel of a University test book. One brief thumbing through overwhelms the mind with stunning, clear “in your face” pictures that on their own more than justify the existence of the book. I had promised myself to not start reading the book as I wanted to savor it for a later date. Well, after sitting down and breaking my promise with the intention of reading just the table of contents it was with shock that I realized I had read up to page 40 totally unaware of the passage of time.
    Thank you Dr. Wood a thousand times over.
    This truly is a paradigm shifting book that will soon have a cloth cover carefully placed over it.
    Simply Fantastic.

  6. Adam Lai says:

    This book came out as difficult as the processes of Dr. Wood searching the evidence. I am so lucky to have one book already. She’s the one who tells the truth from evidence, not like the “truthers” tell the fake “truth” to folks.

  7. Franz Glaus says:

    As Dr. Wood suggests, follow the evidence. She does that better than anyone else.

  8. Cathy Garger says:

    I began 9/11 research in 2004 but it was not until September 11, 2006, when I heard Dr. Wood speak in Washington, DC for the first time that I began to study her work in depth. After careful study of the pictures of evidence on her website and consideration of her thought-provoking questions in lectures and radio shows, I came to the conclusion that planted explosives alone could not possibly have taken down the towers.

    From this discovery I began to see how an entire movement – the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” – became not a collaborative effort encouraging independent thinkers to thoughtfully explore all of the evidence, but rather, a controlled opposition movement designed to lead all into believing the towers were taken down by controlled demolition, a la explosives pre-planted in the towers.

    Dr. Wood’s observations, discoveries, and thought-provoking questions are nothing short of brilliant. They make one think outside the box, as she encourages us always to think for ourselves. Based on years of following Dr. Wood and her work, I am delighted her book is now available for purchase.

    Not until the world realizes what actually happened on 9/11 can justice for the heinous crimes begin to take place.

    Cathy Garger
    Associate Member Scholars for 9/11 Truth

  9. Jerry Leaphart says:

    It was my privilege to have provided you with legal representation in the qui tam case and in the filing of elements of your investigation in the public domain. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to do so. Your Request for Correction (RFC) is publicly available at the website of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


    It is therefore true that your investigation is the only publicly available, validly conducted determination of what destroyed the World Trade Center complex on 11 September, 2001. That is remarkable. Sooner or later the cognitive dissonance that prevents many from coming to grips with what happened on 9/11 will dissipate. Your work and your book enable us to confront the painful recognition that the common storyline of what happened is utterly false.

    I think enough people are already aware that the common storyline of what happened on 9/11 is false. The next step in the process of awakening to the reality of what happened has been provided to us by your work.

    • Mr. Leaphart we wish to send you Endless Thanks as well. And Respect. We love listening to archived interviews in which you speak and break things down in a legal fashion, and quite eloquently. Thank You for the integral work you have done in getting this information on a solid legal footing. We were not aware of all that you all were pursuing at that time, having only been made aware of Dr. Wood’s research in 2009.
      We are very fortunate in these times to have access to many archived interviews (education) at our
      fingertips. We have been ‘catching up’ on all that we ‘missed out on’ while you all were working
      so hard on all our behalf. Thank You! For all you that you do, for us all.

      And to All those others who help and care and really want to know, Thank You. Thank You. Thank You…

  10. Thomas Malone says:

    Palpable excitement
    Thomas Malone in Japan.
    Hello all you who love and respect the work of the Lovely Dr. Wood.
    I for one am waiting with my neck outstretched (as they say in Japanese) in anticipation of actually holding one of these jewels in my hands. Till that day.
    Thank you again Dr. Wood.
    You are a light in the apparent darkness.
    Ciao for now.

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