Where Did the Towers Go?

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  1. Mark McDonald says:

    Enter: Where did the Towers Go? Exit: things that have learned to walk that must return to crawl mode…..

  2. James Mergenthal says:

    The book was everything I thought it would be and more. Thank you Dr Wood for all of your years of hard work and time you have spent bringing the “TRUTH” to all of us who have eyes to see. The courage you have shown while never backing away from the truth has cost you much but I am so thankful you were able to complete your work and finish your book and make it availble to all. Now it is our turn to get your book into as many hands as possible to awaken the mass of people who have been asleep since 9-11.

  3. Mark Jacobs says:

    After reading this, you will realize how official sources of democracy and national security lie to us, and how big those lies are. It makes you wonder what else have we, as democratic citizens of the world, been lied to about, how much of our school-educated history is really “his story”, and how much further these sources are prepared to go to continue to try (and fail) to fool us in the future. As Fela Kuti (may he rest in peace) put it in his song “Teacher (don’t teach us nonsense!)”, “Democracy, demon crazy, crazy demon!” Also, GBY Judy, for persevering with this investigation, and bringing much of the evidence into fruition in this invaluable tome. Definitely, one of the most important books ever published. Warmest regards, and best of luck for the future.

  4. Just received the book this week, and have been reading and reading and reading… We agree: Judy Wins!!! Even if you are one who has spent hours studying at, and have heard lots of Dr. Wood’s lectures and interviews, you are going to be amazed at how much more there is to learn in this book.

    This book presents a case that is beyond damning. It’s a text book, professional, and hard to put down.

    It’s also a journey of discovery. Dr. Wood can’t tell us Exactly what the weapon used that day was. But she can take us on an extensive tour of the evidence. She leads us into the correct ballpark, wherein, we can grasp the basics of the science that lies behind the bizarre phenomena which we see. And then, once the dots start connecting in our minds, and we do a bit of research, we can pretty much figure out what the game being played is, and who may be playing it.

    Taking a good look at Dr. Wood’s lawsuits is more than recommended.
    Learning about the defendants is absolutely essential.

    We all know we were lied to that day.
    We all saw those buildings turn to dust.
    Dr. Wood reveals to us the deepest, darkest secret of that day.
    The one that we, at all costs, are not supposed to learn.
    And that’s the connection to Nikola Tesla, and Free-Energy Technology.

    Dr. Wood peels away the layers of dis-info and psyop in a way that is candid, personal, and endearing. You will laugh, and cry, but most of all, you will learn, “through the eyes of a child, with wonder and amazement.”

    Thank you Judy Wood for this Work you have done. You have done us all a great service in getting this Book, and your Lawsuits, (and website(s)) on the Public Record.

    Dr. Judy Wood deserves our support. We are beyond thankful to be able to write a review for such a book. The fact that this book exists, in these times, is an amazing accomplishment in itself. We are so lucky to have amongst us this brave woman, who does not give up, who got this book published.

    Do yourself a favor, if you are able to, and buy this book. And by all means, if you haven’t already, study the evidence at her (other) voluminous website (as well): Dr. Wood provides us with a wealth of information, via pictorial (and other revealing) evidence, that you will not see many other places. And most definitely, you will not likely be seeing these types of images out there with any sort of good explanation attached to them. (That’s what Dr. Judy Wood is here for. :<)

    Libraries, (if there are lucky, in these times), have allotment funds for the purchasing of books, that we, the patrons, may request. If you are able, please request that your libraries obtain this book, or perhaps, you may be in a position to do some donating. We can talk to our local booksellers, as well. Per our experience, the reactions have been quite impressive. This book, with it's outrageous cover, is quite the eye-catching teaching piece, very effective in capturing people's attention. It's amazing how many have never even seen this 'reality'-defying picture.

    It's up to us, once we 'get it', to see to it that many more see this for what it is. And help them to understand the reverse potential of this secreted-away technology, and why we should all be interested in, and caring about, this issue, which affects us all.

    With Greatest Respects,
    Matthew Goddard and Tenasee Love

    ~ Wondering if that very brave 'insider' will ever come on out and talk to us all. Will you step up, use your heart, and talk to us about this technology? The cat's already way out of the bag… Judy's gone and coaxed it out here into the bright light of today. Where are you, brave blower of whistles? We, and those who disappeared on that day, and since, are waiting.

  5. This could almost certainly be one of the most important books in recent history, as it lays bare a set of evidence which should, by all rights, change the world. However, the change will only happen if the people reading it are willing to confront the evidence and tell others about it.

    Dr Judy Wood has a remarkable insight and ability to “cut through the layers of deception” to illustrate to the reader the incredible events of 9/11 – many of which were “hidden by distraction”. This is a forensic study of the destruction of the WTC buildings on 9/11 and graphically illustrates how woefully inadequate, incomplete and (sadly) fraudulent earlier investigations have been.

    With many original and detailed diagrams, and a vast array of photographic evidence, the book first established WHAT happened to the WTC towers. Once this is established, a more detailed study of video and photo evidence and witness accounts, coupled with a study of some of the half-forgotten works of past geniuses, the reader is shown how a covert technology was employed in a way not seen in a public arena before. It could take quite some months for the magnitude of these conclusions to “sink in” to one’s psyche and realise the scale of deception which has been perpertrated on us. If one can face the conclusions, it should precipitate a re-establishment of one’s intellectual freedom – in a new paradigm of possibilities.

    The journey to the completion of this book has not been a smooth one and I hope that those who come to read it will be ready for its implications.

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